Reaching for Cardiovascular Health Equity:

Investing Where it Matters

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Leaders from business, healthcare, public health, and communities will identify actions to capitalize on the attention COVID-19 has brought to health inequities and cardiometabolic health disparities.

“In pre-pandemic ‘normal,’ cardiovascular disease, despite being preventable, was the leading cause of death, and its burden was inequitable. COVID magnified the inequities. Solving them will not only lead toward optimal, equitable cardiometabolic health but more equitable well-being.” John M. Clymer, Executive Director

Panel 1: The New Normal Can't Be the Old Normal--Framework for an equitable, high-performance U.S. health system

1. What is the framework for the new normal?

2. How do we get there?

3. What needs to change in the health system? Architects and Engineers

4. What is one item your organization can do to implement the new framework?

Panel 2: The Community Case for Optimal, Equitable Cardiometabolic Health? How do we talk about health equity and cardiovascular/chronic risk factors to broaden support?

1. How do we build the case for the new normal?

2. What do we need to change about the way we talk about health in order to build and broaden support for a new normal?

3. Will industry get on board?

4. How do we generate value propositions?

5. How do we build political support for this? Marketers

6. What is one item your organization can do build support to make this happen?

Panel 3: A missing link in the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease: Evidence-based system strategies to promote mental health

1. How can we elevate the priority on depression, stress, anxiety prevention, screening and management?

2. How to obtain reimbursement for these services?

3. Example of community-based programs that integrate mental health into their services and deliver evidence-based interventions

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