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The National Forum hosts an Annual Meeting each fall in Washington, DC, convening thought leaders its member organizations. Beginning in 2017, the National Forum launched its virtual mid-year member meeting. Access information and resources from past events.

20th Annual Meeting
2022 - Health Equity Benefits Everyone

2022 Program Cover

2022 Mid-Year Virtual Covering
Paying Attention to Hypertension Spotlight on Self Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring Available Online

19th Annual Meeting
2021 - Reaching for Cardiovascular Health Equity:
Investing Where it Matters

2021 Program Cover

2021 Mid-Year Virtual Covering
Answering the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Control Hypertension

18th Annual Meeting
2020 - Cardiovascular Health: More Urgent than Ever

2020 Mid-Year Virtual Meeting
Improving Blood Pressure Control at the Community Level

17th Annual Meeting
2019 - Catalyst for Collaboration

2019 Mid-Year Membership Meeting

2019 Virtual Convening on Stroke

2018 Mid-Year Membership Meeting
Celebration of World Hypertension Day

16th Annual Meeting
2018 - Paths to Innovation

2018 Mid-Year Membership Meeting
Celebration of World Hypertension Day

15th Annual Meeting
2017 - Paths to Engagement

2017 Mid-Year Membership Meeting
Policy, Program and System Change Strategies to Improve Hypertension Control

14th Annual Meeting
2016 - Bridging Clinical & Population Health

13th Annual Meeting
2015 - Advancing the ABCS of Prevention

12th Annual Meeting - 2014

11th Annual Meeting - 2013

10th Annual Meeting - 2012

9th Annual Meeting - 2011