Move with the Mayor

Mayors use Move with the Mayor to encourage residents to protect and improve their health and to make their communities more active and accessible. Mayors are using Move with the Mayor messaging, policy recommendations, and other tools to empower and protect community members from COVID-19 and improve cardiovascular health and health equity.


A national initiative that works with mayors across the country to challenge their communities to be more physically active. Mayors encourage their communities to be physically active to lower their chances of heart disease and its risk factors like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Covid-19 Vaccination Initiative
Flu Vaccination Initiative

MWTM Physical Activity Participating Cities

MWTM Physical Activity Cities Map

MWTM Physical Activity Participating Mayors

  • Image of Daniel Horrigan
    Daniel Horrigan
    Akron, Ohio
  • Image of Mike Coffman
    Mike Coffman
    Aurora, CO
  • Image of William Bo Perkinson
    William Bo Perkinson
    Athens, TN
  • Image of Sharon Weston Broome
    Sharon Weston Broome
    Baton Rouge, LA
  • Image of Don Walters
    Don Walters
    Cuyahoga Falls, OH
  • Image of Rochelle Robinson
    Rochelle Robinson
    Douglasville, GA​​
  • Image of Christina Muryn
    Christina Muryn
    Findlay, OH
  • Image of Acquanetta Warren
    Acquanetta Warren
    Fontana, CA
  • Image of Jud Ashman
    Jud Ashman
    Gaithersburg, MD
  • Image of Chodri Ma Khokhar
    Chodri Ma Khokhar
    Glendale Heights, IL
  • Image of Eric Genrich
    Eric Genrich
    Green Bay, WI
  • Image of Errick D. Simmons
    Errick D. Simmons
    Greenville, MS​
  • Image of Rodney Craig
    Rodney Craig
    Hanover Park, IL
  • Image of Debra March
    Debra March
    Henderson, NV​
  • Image of Ben Winkelman
    Ben Winkelman
    Hoquiam, WA
  • Image of David Scheffler
    David Scheffler
    Lancaster, OH​
  • Image of Ken Thurston
    Ken Thurston
    Lauderhill, FL
  • Image of Will Hill
    Will Hill
    Louisville, MS
  • Image of Breea Clark
    Breea Clark
    Norman, OK
  • Image of Paul Leon
    Paul Leon
    Ontario, CA​
  • Image of Glenn A. Johnson
    Glenn A. Johnson
    Pullman, WA
  • Image of Levar Stoney
    Levar Stoney
    Richmond, VA
  • Image of Kim Norton
    Kim Norton
    Rochester, MN
  • Image of Michelle J. Gomez
    Michelle J. Gomez
    Tamarac, FL
  • Image of Lawrence G. Haygood, Jr
    Lawrence G. Haygood, Jr
    Tuskegee, AL
  • Image of Karmolette O’Gilvie
    Karmolette O’Gilvie
    Twentynine Palms, CA
  • Image of Katie Rosenberg
    Katie Rosenberg
    Wausau, WI
  • Image of Ruben Pineda
    Ruben Pineda
    West Chicago, IL
  • Image of Nunzio Pulice
    Nunzio Pulice
    Wood Dale, IL

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