Value & Access: Action Agenda

Action Agenda

Understanding Best Practices on Payer/Purchaser Coverage Decisions

The Steering Committee will better undertake efforts to understand best practices on payer/purchaser coverage decisions by:

  • Highlighting a way for all stakeholders to communicate with one another, share evidence, best practices, and identify areas for improvement
  • Developing recommendations for Steering Committee Action
Patient Engagement Strategies: Shared-Decision Making Tools and Models 

The Steering Committee will support patient engagement strategies by:

  • Identifying effective shared-decision making tools and models
  • Developing recommendations on how successful models can be scaled
Shift Spend from Low to High-Value Care that Meets the Needs of Stakeholders

The Steering Committee will support shifting spend from low value to high-value care that meets the needs of stakeholders by:

  • Identifying and supporting effective leverage points that are already underway
  • Determining what Steering Committee members representing all of the stakeholder groups can do to effectively communicate and amplify messaging
Patient Engagement Strategies: Patient Adherence

The Steering Committee will support patient engagement strategies related to patient adherence by:

  • Identifying and endorsing or highlighting models, research, tools and resources
  • Disseminating information and resources among stakeholders
Reduce Data and Administrative Barriers

The Steering Committee will reduce administrative and data barriers by:

  • Convening a Prior Authorization working group including both clinician and payer perspectives on criteria and standardization
  • Supporting and promoting member groups’ campaigns and efforts, including the adoption of standardized prior authorization forms

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