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Reports & resources developed through the Value & Access Initiative:

What Do Value & Access Really Mean? A Landscape Report on Stakeholder Perspectives – reports on differences in how the “6 Ps”—patients, providers, payers, purchasers, public health, and pharma/biotech—view these issues. It also finds an area of common ground that may enable stakeholders to work together to solve ever-rising healthcare costs and clashes over cost-containment measures. The report documents changes in stakeholders’ views over the last 3 years and a shift from opposition to collaboration on certain issues related to healthcare access and affordability.

Updated SHARED Decision-Making Guides for Providers and Patients to help health care providers engage in shared decision-making conversations with patients about treating and preventing cardiovascular disease. The updated guides include sample questions and talking points providers can use to discuss treatment planning with patients, a fillable treatment planning form, and a patient education handout. Created in collaboration with the Family Heart Foundation, National Lipid Association, and American Pharmacists Association Foundation.

Best Practices for Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committees

A checklist modeling processes for P&T Committees to consider when managing the formulary system in making equitable coverage decisions, focusing on evidence-based processes to select and promote treatments offering the best therapeutic outcomes, while minimizing potential risks and costs to patients.

Value & Access: Innovative Collaborations to Improve Access to Evidence-Based Cardiovascular Care

The Value & Access initiative brings together diverse decision-makers from varied stakeholder groups (patients, providers, payers, purchasers, public health and pharma/biotech) to engage in discussion and solution-oriented activities on value and access issues related to cardiovascular health. This white paper outlines accomplishments to date, and the evolution of the initiative.

What Do Value and Access Really Mean? (2016)

Reveals how patients, providers, payers, public health, and industry view the value of therapies and what access means to them.

Value & Access Partner Webinar Spotlight Series

Value Frameworks

Value Frameworks developed by other organizations –  useful resources in the discussion of value and access.

Value Frameworks

Informing Value Frameworks