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COVID-19 Social Media Messaging Toolkit

Mayors are working hard to respond to COVID-19 as we all adjust to new routines and cope with new stressors. The National Forum put together a social media messaging toolkit to help Move with the MayorTM participants promote well-being, including reducing stress, eating healthy, and staying active. Consider using the #MoveYourWay hashtag to encourage people to keep active in creative ways—especially as we practice physical distancing. Let the National Forum team know how we can provide further support to you during this time. So that we can amplify your efforts, remember to use the #MoveWithTheMayor and #MoveYourWay hashtags
We’re all in this together. And united we will persevere.

#MoveWithTheMayor #MoveYourWay


Please note: Follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines on social (or physical) distancing when outside. Always practice with caution, especially if you are a person at higher risk for severe illness.
  1. Visit the CDC Website – CDC guidance is evolving rapidly. Please visit the CDC’s COVID-19 website frequently for emerging updates.
  2. Lead by Example – You don’t need to be physically together to #MoveWithTheMayor. Go live on Facebook or Instagram and ask others to join you virtually as you walk outside (in your backyard or safe public areas). Take it a step further and host a work-out or dance session through your social media. Not tech savvy or have limited time? No problem. Post/tweet a picture or video of yourself being active and encourage others to join you and do the same. Be sure to use the #MoveWithTheMayor and #MoveYourWay hashtags.
  3. Fitness Trackers – If you use a fitness tracker (e.g. FitBit), post/tweet your daily/weekly results as a way of sharing your activity and challenge others to do the same.
  4. One-Minute Workout Videos – Post a one-minute workout video and ask residents to tag you when they’ve completed it. Or, you can challenge one, two or three other mayors to post similar workout video content. The workout video doesn’t have to be complicated. Squats, planks, crunches, a walk outside or stretches are all easy-to-do examples.
  5. Share Healthy Meals – Post your favorite healthy recipe or share healthy meal options from local restaurants.
  6. Stress Reduction Tips – Post your favorite ways to reduce stress.
  7. Cloth Face Covering Tutorial – CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores, pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission. Create and share your own cloth face covering making tutorial or share the one CDC created.
  8. Tag Us – Don’t forget to tag us @NatForumHDSP and use the hashtags #MoveWithTheMayor and #MoveYourWay to keep the movement going!

Sample Posts & Tweets

Blood Pressure

 #PhysicalActivity can ease anxiety, boost your mood & help control blood pressure, especially during stressful times. Learn more about the benefits  #MoveYourWay #MoveWithTheMayor #Stroke @NatForumHDSP @HealthGov 

High #BloodPressure control is within reach. Here are 5 ways you can manage high blood pressure and protect your #heart. #MoveWithTheMayor #Hypertension @NatForumHDSP @MillionHeartsUS @CDCHeart_Stroke

Talking to your loved ones about #HeartHealth isn’t always easy. Take the first step toward understanding each other’s communication style with @CDCHeart_Stroke’s #quiz! #MoveWithTheMayor @NatForumHDSP

Regularly measuring your numbers is key to #BloodPressure control. Keep this Blood Pressure Log handy to track your measurements. You’ve got this! #MoveWithTheMayor @CDCHeart_Stroke @NatForumHDSP @MillionHeartsUS

These 5 lifestyle changes can cut your risk for #HeartDisease, the #1 cause of death for men. #MensHealthMonth #MoveWithTheMayor @NatForumHDSP @CDCHeart_Stroke @MillionHeartsUS

DYK? Even if you don’t have symptoms of heart disease, you may be at risk. Learn more. #GainControl #MoveWithTheMayor @NatForumHDSP @CDCHeart_Stroke @MillionHeartsUS



#PhysicalActivity can ease anxiety, boost your mood & help control blood pressure, especially during stressful times. Learn more about the benefits  #MoveYourWay #MoveWithTheMayor #Stroke @NatForumHDSP @HealthGov 




#AfricanAmerican women are more likely to have a #Stroke than any other race or ethnic group of women in the U.S. Click below for changes you can make to your risk.  #MoveWithTheMayor  @NatForumHDSP @CDCHeart_Stroke

Women can cut their risk of stroke by keeping active and reducing stress. Learn more about women and stroke at  #MoveWithTheMayor #StrokeMonth #Hypertension #HeartDisease @NatForumHDSP @CDCHeart_Stroke

African Americans have the highest #Stroke death rates among all races/ethnicities. Lifestyle choices like moving, eating well, reducing stress, and getting sleep can cut #stroke risk. #MoveWithTheMayor @NatForumHDSP @CDCHeart_Stroke

Chronic #Stress—and some #MentalHealth conditions —can affect #HeartHealth. Find actions you can take to support mental health and prevent #HeartDisease #MoveWithTheMayor #StrokeMonth #Hypertension @NatForumHDSP @CDCHeart_Stroke



Getting 7-8 hours of good sleep each night helps our hearts, blood vessels, and #MentalHealth. Follow a good bedtime routine. #TheHeartTruth #OurHearts #NHLBI #MoveWithTheMayor #StrokeMonth #GainControl #SleepMonth @NatForumHDSP @nih_nhlbi


Up to 80% of strokes are preventable. Reduce #stroke deaths in your neighborhood with prevention and treatment strategies from @CDCHeart_Stroke. #MoveWithTheMayor #StrokeMonth #HTNRoundtable @NatForumHDSP @MillionHeartsUS

African Americans are twice as likely to have a #Stroke as whites are. At only 39 years old, Prince Quire was younger than the typical stroke patient. Learn about his story   #MensHealth #MoveWithTheMayor @NatForumHDSP @CDCHeart_Stroke  


Stay Active while Social Distancing

#PhysicalDistancing doesn’t mean we can’t take a virtual walk together! Whether you’re walking in place, on a treadmill or in your backyard, share how you’re getting your steps! #MoveWithTheMayor #ActivePeople #MoveYourWay @NatForumHDSP @MillionHeartsUS @CDCHeart_Stroke @CDCObesity

Call or video chat a friend while you take a 10-minute walk outside (and wear a cloth face covering) to help reduce stress and minimize isolation. #PhysicalDistancing #MoveWithTheMayor #ActivePeople #MoveYourWay @NatForumHDSP @MillionHeartsUS @CDCHeart_Stroke @CDCObesity

Grab a mat and unwind with some yoga! If you can, take your mat to your backyard and enjoy some fresh air. #PhysicalDistancing #ActivePeople #MoveWithTheMayor @NatForumHDSP @MillionHeartsUS @CDCHeart_Stroke @CDCObesity

Kids and adults need physical activity every day! Here are some ideas on how to get the whole family active while #PhysicalDistancing. #MoveWithTheMayor #ActivePeople #MoveYourWay @NatForumHDSP @MillionHeartsUS @CDCHeart_Stroke @CDCObesity

Staying at home and #PhysicalDistancing isn’t always easy! Boost your mood and play with your four-legged friend. #HeartHealth #MoveWithTheMayor #ActivePeople #MoveYourWay @NatForumHDSP @MillionHeartsUS @CDCHeart_Stroke @CDCObesity

Home with the kids? Here are some quick tips to keep the whole family moving! #MoveWithTheMayor #ActivePeople #MoveYourWay @NatForumHDSP @MillionHeartsUS @CDCHeart_Stroke @CDCObesity

Get moving with your family in your yard! #PhysicalDistancing #ActivePeople #MoveWithTheMayor @NatForumHDSP @MillionHeartsUS @CDCHeart_Stroke @CDCObesity

Decrease Stress

Stressed out? Try following the deep breathing directions in this animation to help manage stress and reduce your risk for #HeartDisease & #Stroke.
#TheHeartTruth #NHLBI #MoveWithTheMayor #HeartDisease #GainControl #StrokeMonth #MoveWithTheMayor @NatForumHDSP @nih_nhlbi

Sleep is as important as being active. Not enough sleep can reduce mental and #HeartHealth.  Try going to bed 30 minutes earlier tonight. #MoveWithTheMayor #MoveYourWay @NatForumHDSP @osunursing

Stress can take a toll on our #HeartHealth! Practice daily stress reduction habits like being physically active, eating fruits & veggies, practicing deep breathing, writing a gratitude list, or reading a book for leisure. #MoveWithTheMayor #MoveYourWay @NatForumHDSP @osunursing

Stress can increase our blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate. Reduce your stress by being present in the moment and practicing mindfulness techniques. #HeartHealth #MoveWithTheMayor #MoveYourWay @NatForumHDSP @osunursing

Take 5 slow deep breaths on a regular basis throughout the day! This simple strategy will decrease stress and blood pressure. #HeartHealth #MoveWithTheMayor #MoveYourWay @NatForumHDSP @osunursing

Trying to quit smoking? Quitting cigarette smoking can lead to decreased depression and anxiety and improve your quality of life. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit #HeartHealth #MoveWithTheMayor #MoveYourWay @NatForumHDSP @osunursing

Stay informed, but #TakeBreaks from news and social media to lessen your stress. #HeartHealth #MoveWithTheMayor #MoveYourWay @NatForumHDSP @osunursing

The Ohio State University is offering a free, weekly online series, “Staying Calm and Well in the Midst of the COVID-19 Storm: Evidence-based Tactics that Work!” Sessions are held on Weds from 12:30 – 1:00pm EDT. Register at @osunursing

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