MWTM Flu Vaccination Initiative

Through the Move with the Mayor Flu Vaccination Campaign, mayors are playing an easy yet important role in protecting their communities from the potentially severe flu season this fall.

Getting your flu shot is the #1 way to prevent contracting & spreading the flu.


  • Image of Brandon Scott
    Brandon Scott
    Baltimore, MD
  • Image of Randall Woodfin
    Randall Woodfin
    Birmingham, AL
  • Image of Tim Kelly
    Tim Kelly
    Chattanooga, TN
  • Image of Kayce Munyeneh
    Kayce Munyeneh
    Cheverly, MD
  • Image of Jeffrey J. Mims, Jr.
    Jeffrey J. Mims, Jr.
    Dayton, OH
  • Image of Tab Bowling
    Tab Bowling
    Decatur, AL
  • Image of Guy Alongi
    Guy Alongi
    Du Quoin, IL
  • Image of Ella Jones
    Ella Jones
    Ferguson, MO
  • Image of Acquanetta Warren
    Acquanetta Warren
    Fontana, CA
  • Image of George McGill
    George McGill
    Fort Smith, AR
  • Image of Emmett Jordan
    Emmett Jordan
    Greenbelt, MD
  • Image of Rodney Craig
    Rodney Craig
    Hanover Park, IL
  • Image of Debra March
    Debra March
    Henderson, NV
  • Image of Jim Strickland
    Jim Strickland
    Memphis, TN
  • Image of John Giles
    John Giles
    Mesa, AZ
  • Image of Celina Benitez
    Celina Benitez
    Mount Rainier, MD
  • Image of Latoya Cantrell
    Latoya Cantrell
    New Orleans, LA
  • Image of Greg Hines
    Greg Hines
    Rogers, AR
  • Image of Jeffrey Slavin
    Jeffrey Slavin
    Somerset, MD
  • Image of Victoria Woodards
    Victoria Woodards
    Tacoma, WA
  • Image of Martha Guerrero
    Martha Guerrero
    West Sacramento, CA

Join Your Fellow Mayor and Get Your Flu Shot Today.

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