Making Equitable Hypertension Control a New Norm

May 9, 2024


Pre-meeting, NETWORKING (30 mins)   
11:30 – Noon pm EDT

Mid-Year Convening, MAIN EVENT (2.5 hours) 
Noon – 2:30 pm EDT

Event Overview:

  • Virtual gathering of cardiovascular health experts and stakeholders in equitable heart disease and stroke prevention.
  • Provides a multi-sectoral platform for academia, industry, and government representatives to discuss hypertension issues.

Timeliness and Urgency:

  • Critical discussion amid escalating hypertension disparities and increased cardiovascular disease incidence and mortality post-COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Highlight solutions to barriers to evidence-based therapies like self-measured blood pressure (SMBP) and medication adherence.

Action Items:

  • Stimulate action on policy and system changes to improve hypertension control.
  • Raise awareness and use of new tools to measure how employers can benefit from improved hypertension management.
  • Promote dissemination of health information to improve SMBP uptake and medication adherence.
  • Build consensus among stakeholders to make SMBP and medication adherence norms in healthcare and public health.
  • Drive tangible progress towards equitable hypertension control, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and policy advocacy.

The National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention’s (National Forum) 2024 Mid-Year Convening will focus on challenging our participants, public health colleagues and the public to make equitable hypertension and control the new norm in diverse populations nationwide. Escalating and deeply entrenched hypertension disparities continue to increase the urgency to achieve improvements in health policy and healthcare systems change, as well as increase awareness and actions at an individual level.

Our annual mid-year meeting is a virtual assembly of a diverse community of cardiovascular experts to discuss current trends and topics related to heart disease and stroke prevention. The National Forum will provide a uniquely multi-sectoral venue for stakeholders interested in addressing equitable hypertension concerns.

Together, representatives from academia, industry, and government will shed light on emerging hypertension prevention, control, and management issues in minority populations. Stakeholders will discuss successful strategies and practices that can be used to improve blood pressure prevention and management and motivate participants to pursue effective strategies to reduce hypertension. The meeting will also provide diverse stakeholders and participants a platform to stimulate thought leadership and accelerate collaboration.

The meeting is urgent and timely as hypertension disparities continue to escalate in tandem with the increase in cardiovascular disease incidence and mortality three years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with evidence-based therapies such as the use of self-measured blood pressure (SMBP), barriers in uptake and availability persist, complicated by other factors such as lack of medication adherence.

The meeting will provide a platform for diverse stakeholders and participants to stimulate thought leadership and accelerate collaboration and ensure that the best strategies regarding equitable hypertension evidence-based interventions become the new norm within public health and healthcare settings. The National Forum will also prompt and follow up on actions that increase the use of SMBP and medication adherence through the dissemination of health information to the meeting participants and the public.

Finally, the meeting will build consensus among stakeholders representing academia, industry, policy, and government to make the use of SMBP and medication adherence norms in healthcare and public health.