Move with the Mayor® Case Studies

Athens, TN — Mayor Steve Sherlin

Promoting Healthy Living in Athens, TN

A Successful City – County – Health Department Partnership in Athens, TN

Carson City, NV — Mayor Lori Bagwell

Every Day Physical Activity in Carson City, NV

Findlay, OH — Mayor Christina Muryn

Improving Health Equity Through Public-Private Partnerships in Findlay, Ohio

Frankfort, IL — Mayor Keith Ogle

Community Evnet Promoting Everyday Fitness for All Ages in Frankfort, IL

Glendale Heights, IL — Mayor Chodri Ma Khokhar

Community Partnerships in Glendale Heights, IL

Green Bay, WI — Mayor Eric Genrich

The Impact of Building a Culture of Health in Green Bay

Hanover Park, IL — Mayor Rod Craig

Hanover Park Partners with Police Department to Promote Health Equity

Louisville, MS — Mayor Will Hill

Promoting Cardiovascular Health in Louisville, MS

San Jacinto, CA — Mayor Alonso Ledezma

Achieving Health Equity Through Physical Activity Initiatives in San Jacinto, CA

West Sacramento, CA — Mayor Martha Guerrero

Achieving Health Equity in West Sacramento, CA

Akron, OH — Former Mayor Daniel Horrigan (2015-2024)

City-Health Department Linkages Strengthen Health Promotion

A History of Promoting an Active Lifestyle

Henderson, NV — Former Mayor Debra March (2017-2023)

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) in Henderson, NV

Local Government and Health District Partner in Henderson, NV