Move with the Mayor Vaccination Initiative Toolkit

Complete Toolkit

Materials include talking points, communications templates, and additional sample social media.

Sample Social Media Assets

Please feel free to use/adapt the social media posts below. Download the images and video to accompany your posts, or link your PSA. If you would like our assistance in tailoring the images, please reach out to your Community Engagement Coordinator.

Curious about which immunizations you need? Take this quick vaccine quiz.
¿Tienes curiosidad por saber qué vacunas puedes necesitar?
I'm Making a Pledge I’m making a pledge to protect my health and my loved ones by getting up to date on my vaccinations.
Me Compromento Me comprometo
Join me, make sure you're up to date on your adult vaccinations.
Estoy Muy Orgulloso de ti
Your health isn’t political. Take charge of your health by making sure you’re up to date on your immunizations.
Tu salud no es política.
The COVID-19 vaccine is safer than getting COVID-19. The vaccination is proven to reduce the severity of illness.
Sabias Que La vacuna contra la COVID-19 es mas segura que contraer contraer COVID-19.